Things that are always excessive and do not have a pattern that is not true will ultimately bring things that are not. Included in terms of exercise that can make you even unhealthy.

Too much exercise will increase the risk of inflammation and can reduce immunity.

“A study in Frontiers in Physiology shows Crossfitters who didn’t give their body a day off after every one or two sessions reduced their cytokines levels. These are proteins that reduce inflammation, and, if reduced, actually suppress the immune system. In other words, in trying to be healthy and fit in lots of workouts, you could do more harm than good. And it doesn’t stop Crossfit – skipping rest has been found to prove detrimental for most forms of exercise.” Via WomensHealthMag

Focusing on just one type of exercise is very important. After that, try not to do other strenuous exercises. You can simply try low cardio activities like walking, swimming, etc.

The most important thing is to recognize your body’s rest time after doing the exercises. Give your body and mind a break to avoid too much stress.

The level of recovery in your rest is adjusted to your type of exercise. Please consult with your trainer better.

So, don’t forget enough rest for a balanced lifestyle and get maximum health benefits from your exercise.

Keep Steem On!

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