The worst thing that happens when we cook using electric technology is when the electricity goes out.

In Indonesia, power outages are not surprising. This often happens. Unfortunately, this happened when I was cooking.

I am sad, my cheese has failed to melt. Looks very bad on my recipe.

Actually, I wanted to make Baked Sausage with a piece of cheese that melted on it.

But, even though it sounded a failure, actually the taste of my food was not bad. Cheese that fails to melt does not make this food unpleasant. At least this food is still worth eating.

I will tell you the simple way I make this food, maybe you have sausages, bread and cheese at home.

The first Step

Cut the sausages. Then, give seasoning with oyster sauce.

The Second Step

Bake the sausage for five minutes.

The Third Step

Arrange the grilled sausage pieces on bread. Then sprinkle the cheese pieces.

The Fourth Step

Bake for about five minutes until the cheese melts.

Usually I make this food for breakfast or for snacks at night.

That was my story about cooking that failed. But even though it failed, I could still enjoy the food.

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