Social media based on blockchain is still not fully an easy thing for the public. Awareness of the Steem Blockchain still requires all of our hard work.

The Steem challenge is not only in the process of exchanging Steem to national currencies that still require a complicated method, but also a challenge in Steem when payment is limited, so that good content can no longer be appreciated when it has passed 7 days.

Many content creators already know about Steemit, but in fact they are still reluctant to use Steemit because the revenue system is not well distributed.

Fortunately, there are various Steem Dapps that can be used as a tool to promote Steem because Steem Dapps promises a more certain vote, although each post still has a guarantee to receive votes.

Some of Steem Dapp, screenshoot from

By using hastag #STEEM on any of social media that we have, it will help greater opportunities for public awareness of the Steem Blockchain. The use of Hastag #Steem in any of social media is a form of advertising that is not realized by many people, but actually it is very effective if it is continually done massively.

Currently there are @Share2steem as Steem Dapps that connect social media content to Steemit.

Not only that, we can share good content on Twitter, users can directly click on the writing link.

Good content that is useful for everyday life and a cool community will be the good reason for someone to use Steemit.

Keep Steem On.

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