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A few days ago, @oracle-d had called Steemians to do simple tasks, but it would have a big impact on steem. Oracle-D calls all Steem lovers to vote for Steem to get a free listing on Netcoin.

What Is Netcoin?

Netcoins is a Virtual Bitcoin ATM software provides retailers and individual professionals a method to sell Bitcoin in their stores. Their service is reaching over 170,000 stores across 53 Countries.

Netcoin is a Cryptocurrency,  a global social community driven movement to transact wealth and exchange value using the power of networks with no central governance. Not sure what that all means?  It’s ok.  A lot of this “stuff” is new to the world, and so there’s a lot most people don’t know and it’s a lot easier than it all seems.  We’re here to help if you need.

Please read more about Netcoin


Vote for Steem will be closed on October 20, 2018. Look in a few days after the announcement of this contest by @oracle-d, now Steemian are going grazy!

Today I have been the 6929th voter!


I believe Steemian has the power to do this, although initially the Steemians did this in order to get votes from @oracle-d but actually I am sure this is a form of Steemian’s love for Steem.

If you are left behind this news update, please visit the announcement.


You also still have time to vote so that Steem can be registered for free on Netcoin.

How do you vote for Steem?

  1. First, visit http://contest.gonetcoins.com/
  2. Scrol down until you find “Steem”.
  3. Click the Vote button, then a box appears to write your e-mail address.
  4. Press the command to send a verification to email to you.

  5. Check your email inbox, then click the link in the inbox.
  6. After clicking on the link in your inbox, you have successfully voted.

There are still 2 days from now to make Steem reach the most votes on Netcoin so Steem is registered with Netcoin.

Please do another task to help Steem to go to the moon. See this post about task updates:

  1. Calling Out DTubers To Help Us With NETCOINs Contest [Win Upvotes]
  2. TwitterStorm – Raising the Awareness of Steem & Voting for Steem





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