For some people, exercise is certainly not an easy thing to do! Especially for office workers who have exhausting deadlines. So, when the weekend arrives, what you have in mind for the first time is to sleep or spend time with family!

Of course, it is not healthy living. In fact, exercise is also important to increase creativity, right? In addition, adequate exercise helps increase work productivity.

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A simple thing to anticipate is to find friends or family members to exercise. Because if alone in a tired condition would be lazy to exercise.
The people closest to you can be a positive incentive to increase your enthusiasm for exercise, you know!

Give them a message to force you to exercise and don’t allow you to oversleep on weekends!

Then, try to choose a sport that has a part of your hobby and is fun, like swimming, riding, archery, tennis, many more.

Running and cycling in your home area is also an interesting thing on weekends. You can while greeting your neighbors, and see things that you haven’t had the chance to see on your normal workdays.

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It is also possible if you get an interesting object for you to photograph, then you can share it on Steem Blockchain and get rewards! So, it’s a double benefit, right ?!

Choose an attractive area or, most importantly, a friendly area of ​​the vehicle so that the air is fresher.

If you still live in rural areas, of course it will get better because the air and the scenery will be very good! Don’t miss it!

The tips are very simple indeed. But indeed to start exercising on weekends is very hard if you do it alone! So, as much as possible you should ask to be forced.


Get used to a healthy life, can begin on weekends!

Happy weekend, Steemian!

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