Facial skin is an important concern after exercise. Even if you don’t exercise, facial skin in women can be difficult to treat. By exercising, facial skin will be at a higher risk of acne if it does not have the proper care.

Here are some tips for those of us who like to exercise, especially should be a concern for women who do sports outdoors.

Don’t forget to wash your face after exercising

Sweat can mix with any type of cosmetic product that sticks to your face. It can cause bacteria that cause inflammation and then acne can occur or even small black spots.

That’s why to wash your face after exercising. Use a gentle cleanser that suits your skin type.

If you use make-up before exercising, then try to clean your makeup first with Cleanser & Makeup Remover that is safe for your skin.

Use Toner

This is something we usually do after washing our faces. Toner makes the process of facial cleansing to the maximum and acne prevention ingredients can enter the maximum into the facial skin.

Use an Oil-Free Moisturizer

It is important for us after cleaning the face to use an Oil-Free Moisturizer. Choose a lightweight moisturizer, and anti-dye and fragrance.

Aloe vera moisturizer is a recommendation to kill bacteria and avoid inflammation.

Exfoliate 2-3 times a week

Exfoliation is indeed recommended for us women to exfoliate 2-3 times a week. Exfoliating products are useful for removing dead skin cells.

Avoid rubbing Exfoliate into your face using a towel. Look for a gentle and safe exfoliation for your facial skin.

Wear a hat for exercising outdoors

Face protection is very important when you exercise. So, use a hat while exercising outdoors.

Don’t Forget Sunscreen

Even if you already use a hat, it’s not enough if you don’t use sunscreen. Use natural sunblock.

Those were some tips for keeping our skin healthy for us women who like to do sports activities. Hope, it will be useful.

Keep Steem On!

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