Do you really have to give your household chore to a housekeeper? Before doing that you should have to reconsider.

Actually, a household chore that feels tiring can you take the health benefits. Especially for workers are very busy doing work at home, and even more, time spent doing work that is a little moving.

Domestic work feels tiring because these activities are able to burn calories properly equivalent to exercise.

So, various types of sports activities can help you generate more moving time.

You can adjust your household chore schedule to your daily work outside the home, even without a housekeeper.

Here are some household chores that have a good calorie-burning ability.

1. Scrubbing the Bathtub

I’m sure we can take the time to scrub the bathtub. It turns out that doing this for 15 minutes can burn up to 100 calories. The movements when rubbing the bathroom tub is good for tightening the muscles of the arms and shoulders. It is also considered the equivalent of 30 squats.

2. Laundry

Who here is very lazy to wash clothes even though already using a washing machine? Indeed washing clothes feels tiring and a waste of time. Often workers who are busy outside the home prefer to put their clothes in the laundry service.

Hmm, you try to think again. If you are very lazy to do sports, at least the movement of laundry activities can help you to do sports.

Movement of moving clothes to the washing machine, drying clothes, and tidying clothes were able to burn 78 calories in one hour. This is considered the same as calories burned when doing 100 sit-ups. Wow, it sounds so good to do your own washing instead of spending extra on giving this job to someone else.

3. Cleaning the Window

Windows are an important part besides doors that are able to provide better and natural lighting for your home, especially windows with glass.

If you use glass windows at home, this is a good thing because cleaning the window can burn 334 calories in one hour. This is considered the equivalent of 40 push-ups!

4. Washing the Dishes

Dinner at home and then you can wash your own dishes without the help of the housekeeper.

While washing dishes, you can also listen to music, or chat with your family members.

Washing dishes for 30 minutes can amazingly burn 105 calories. And, if you only do 15 minutes washing dishes, but routinely done for a week, this can certainly burn 560 calories which is equivalent to swimming 2500 meters.

Those were some of the housework that can really help us to meet the needs of our sports movement. This can also save us from paying others to do it.

My favorite household chore is doing the washing dishes while listening to music, of course. What is your favorite household chore?


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