Work is about creative thinking and requires maintained stamina to complete the work. If someone thinks that sports have nothing to do with work in your daily life, that’s a big mistake.

In a healthy body, there is a strong soul. This strong soul affects your thought process. And, the mental condition that helps maintain energy, enthusiasm, to reach certain goals.

Of course, someone’s stamina is different from routine exercise and not. Fitness will have a big effect on one’s productivity conditions. Not only related to appearance, but also about new ideas generated every day.


It’s dangerous if in every life that keeps changing, but the mind can’t come up with new ideas every day. Finally, we look far behind innovating from others.

It looks trivial, but there is a big impact if we just do not care about sports. Conversely, there will be great benefits for those of us who always exercise regularly.

Let us be passionate about sports, especially now that there is already a Sportstalk token, so it’s more exciting! It should be!


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