Who said that office workers who have difficulty exiting the room can’t do exercise? Of course, you can. Especially now that many offices have been carrying out co-work on office land so that the office looks more like a comfortable dwelling. Not only that, offices related to creative work now prepare a room with a sports arena integrated with the game so that workers are not bored.
Well, table tennis or ping pong has become a sport that is suitable for office workers! No need to leave the office, and very friendly to the space of a room, because it can be folded after use.


The game of table tennis is also quite effective in getting fit, maintaining concentration, and maintaining cohesiveness with the work team, you know!


Usually, table tennis games can be played during office hours such as coffee breaks. Perfect for sleepiness. Or, you can play it when after office time is over.

Do not forget to bring a change of clothes so that office clothes do not become dirty with sweat. Keep clean. đŸ™‚

Always healthy, always be happy!

Keep Steem On!

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