Humans are created to unite, to seek and to create a better change in future life. The increasing number of people on the earth does not mean that you have to kill each other to survive. Is the instinct of human survival in the present just ruining the harmony of togetherness? How do you control survival instincts so that you do not damage the social life of the present?

The system of survival in the past and in modern times is undergoing change. Supposedly, humans can adapt to control the survival instinct. If there is no process of adaptation to survival for the present, it is certainly an instinct to survive that will actually damage life.

In the past, humans survived in the open by dealing directly with the challenges of the wild. Now humans must survive in a large social life. Humans have the expertise to win social competition and job search to meet the needs of life.

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In the past, one’s physical strength was very influential to survive in the wild, even though mental strength was also needed. Now, the power is the most influential. In fact, today’s competition uses a strategy of mental destruction, so that when a person is mentally damaged, physical strength will automatically weaken because there is no more mental strength.

The success of a person to survive depends greatly on the success of someone to withstand stress when an emergency situation comes. Mental skills to handle psychological reactions are very important, this is so that someone can see and utilize available resources. If someone is stricken with stress, panic will come. Panic will make a person rush to make a decision, and this causes a person to be unable to utilize the surrounding resources properly.

A mental attitude that is no longer positive will reduce the level of one’s physical ability so that it actually decreases the value of the ability to survive.

Today’s style of competition is like reversing survival instincts to kill humans with stress levels. It’s no secret that stress seems to be the number one killer of humans living in modern times. Stressful conditions carry other physical diseases that ultimately make a person unable to survive.

The really sad fact is that survival instincts that are not well adapted will only bring out fears that trigger stress and reduce the level of survival in the present.


Living in the Online World, Losing Social Interactions, Feeling Lonely and Emerging Fears Defeated by Others

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Technology is the biggest factor in changing modern lifestyles. Social interaction is drastically reduced. People with a modern lifestyle prefer to live in the digital world. Social interaction begins to disappear because it is replaced by digital activity. Almost everything has been done digitally, worked, ordered food, looked for entertainment (playing, watching movies and reading books digitally) and even looking for friends online.

Digital lifestyle has a negative effect, namely greater risk of loneliness, and mental fatigue (caused by digital activities). Feelings of loneliness increase the risk of losing positive thoughts in a person.

Negative thoughts that come from the decline in mental health from loneliness make a person more vulnerable to fears. One of the most dangerous fears for oneself and dangerous for others is fear of being defeated by others.

Strict global competition makes fear in a person no longer under control. Someone who feels threatened with the expertise of others will be busy looking for ways to drop the position of others in the social community. It really sounds terrible, right?

Attacking a person mentally becomes an interesting strategy to drop someone in the social community – the place where someone feels competitive. Then, killing someone’s dream in the form of bullying is the way that is considered most effective in defeating a person’s competitor.


Killing A Dream Someone Means Killing Someone’s Life

Dreams are the most important tool for keeping one’s spirit alive. Dreams become a great power that makes a person not afraid to face various challenges and risks for the realization of a dream. That is why killing one’s dreams is like killing someone’s life.

The next sadness fact is that people bully so that a person’s mentality is disrupted, various skills experience a decline in quality, then eventually lose the power to realize dreams.

Often modern humans kill someone’s dream with just one word, the word “just”. The word “just” really makes a person fall in spirit. For example, “He is just a poor person who cannot buy a luxury house,” or “He is just someone with a low education so he cannot succeed.”

The words like that are often found in the community to discourage someone. In fact, usually people who make a form of imposing a person’s spirit with words, the person has been controlled by fear, and a sense of insecurity.


Keep Words For Positive Things

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Today’s life needs more positive words to survive each other. Survival instincts must be adapted to the attitude of keeping words (mouth alignment in real activities and words in the digital community).

If there are more negative words in the form of mocking, humanity togetherness is disturbed. Moreover, togetherness is disturbed, humanity starts to antagonize each other and disunity occurs. The future of mankind will be undoubtedly successful if there is no peace in togetherness.


Start Relaxing and Control Your Fears

Relaxing and controlling of fear is the only effective way to keep your survival instinct from being a weapon that actually kills you. Stop to consider everyone as your enemy. Instead of being busy thinking about ways to bring down the people you think can make your career destroyed, you are better thinking of ways to improve your abilities, and enjoy life by flowing as is.

Remember, the more you feel lonely because you spend too much activities in the digital world, the more you feel depressed by one’s abilities, your mental health will deteriorate.

Keep your mind positive, and save your energy to do important things. Don’t spend your energy doing mockery to kill other people’s dreams.

Life will be better, especially if you are not afraid of being rivaled by the expertise of others, because in fact different human skills on this earth will make human life towards perfection in peaceful unity.

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Together, for the better future.




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