One thing I like about Steemit is curating. I always curate manually because I all read the posts of Steemit users. Even though my voting power is weak, with a low Steem Power, but it feels great to be able to share a vote even if it’s only worth 0.01.

Get rewards from curation

Well, what’s the fun part? It turns out that we can get curation values ​​that are often worth more than what we gave before.

That is a real example for people in the world often do not believe that whatever we give to others, is a saving of goodness for us.

Steemit gives a clear example, that sharing never loses. Especially here we are building a community that can have a big influence on the system. Without those of us who helped create content and contribute votes, what is the meaning of this community?

Sharing is never a loss, and we will receive even greater rewards, even though it may be in the form of true friendship.


Delegating Steem Power Provides Good Feedback


Sometimes there are still many Steemians who feel they don’t want to delegate Steem Power because the account still feels lacking. But, if we continue to feel lacking, when will we contribute to the Steem community?

Try to delegate your little Steem Power around 50-200 SP to several projects that will give good feedback.

The Steem Power that you provide also greatly helps projects in Steemit to provide maximum curation to good content.

For example, I have delegated a little of my Steem Power to @steem-ua and as feedback they will vote my post with calculations according to the amount of Steem Power that I delegated.

Have you tried to delegate a little of Steem power?


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