This is challenge Day 3: For more information about Steem Advent, plese read HERE

Steem makes users addictive, like coffee connoisseurs. No day without Steem and coffee.

Steem is also like coffee, can bring a lot of inspiration.

Steem becomes a mood generator, like coffee. Steem becomes a friend of today’s generation while drinking coffee.

Coffee has many types that are liked differently throughout the world. Similarly Steemit, which has many applications connected in it. Like eSteem, Steempress, Tastem, Dtube, and many more.



Because Steem, life becomes more beautiful like the smell of coffee that makes life feel happy, doesn’t care about a simple way, no matter the price of Steem is low.



BAHASA: Steem Seperti Kopi

Steem membuat pengguna menjadi candu, seperti penikmat kopi. Tiada hari tanpa Steem dan kopi.

Steem juga seperti kopi, mampu mendatangkan banyak inspirasi.

Steem menjadi pembangkit mood, seperti kopi. Steem menjadi teman generasi masa kini sambil minum kopi.

Kopi memiliki banyak jenis yang disukai berbeda-berbeda selere di seluruh dunia. Begitu pula Steemit, yang memiliki banyak aplikasi terkoneksi di dalamnya.


Karena Steem, hidup menjadi lebih indah seperti aroma kopi yang membuat hidup terasa bahagia, tidak peduli dengan cara sederhana, tidak peduli harga Steem sedang rendah.



One thought on “Steem Like Coffee I Challenge Day #3 [Steem Advent Calendar 2018]”

  1. Good Morning!

    Here I am writing to you whilst I am having my coffee!

    I have written a very comprehensive guide about coffee and its varieties. I would like to contribute this article for publication on your blog as I am sure that everyone loves coffee and would like to learn something new about it!

    I have saved the article inside my google drive:

    I am very sorry but I did not have the time to find any images so I would be grateful if you could add some of your own.

    It would be fab if you could ping me the url of the published post as I would like to show off a little in front of my Facebook friends!

    I am off for my next cup of coffee!


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