Talking about sports topics in school, especially in Indonesia, in my opinion, has not been effective.

Sports lessons are generally defined as “learning outside the classroom” but often forget about the topic of practicing various types of sports that exist.

When sports lessons arrive at school, especially at primary and junior high schools, students feel happy, because they feel free not to learn about theory.

In fact, theory books are also provided. But often props for sports are not available properly.

What happens is students only do the same type of exercise. For example, boys only play soccer, like girls only play volleyball. This happens because of the unavailability of other sports facilities.

It should be that sports lessons at school strike a balance between theory and practice.

Sports lessons at school are not just “fun lessons” because they are considered not to rely too heavily on the mind as well as arithmetic. But that does not mean the school has forgotten the obligations that should be given to students.

Students deserve adequate sports facilities. In elementary school, sports lessons are also very important to help shape the abilities and talents of children.

It is expected that sports lessons at school can accustom students to diligently exercising, while also forming the character of psychological and physical strength to live a better life.

So, sports lessons are not just going out of class, just moving on the field, doing sports that are always the same type. Sports lessons should also facilitate students to learn more theories to do the types of sports that are good and right, as well as with good rules and avoid injury.

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