This is the first time you heard about Snax? So, what is Snax?

What is Snax: Snax is a blockchain which rewards people for the content they create on public social media and provides them with free instant transactions by social account name. As an overlay solution Snax can integrate any established public platform. It builds bridges between these platforms and brings crypto closer to the people.

Snax Whitepaper:

The good news for Steemit users is Snax integrates with Steem on May 14. More info:


1.Join Steem Bounty Program

What to do:

  • Write a short post about Snax on Steem, more than 1000 symbols/characters long. Add tag snaxBountyProgram
  • Find your article in the table on site (will be updated)
  • Get reward: You don’t need to create an account on Snax to participate, but you will have to do it to claim your reward.
  • If you participate in the Snax bounty program, you will also receive SNAX tokens. But to get SNAX, you need to associate your Steem account with your Snax account after May 14th.

The detail info:

2.Grab Your Tokens Just By Signup With Twitter

NOte: This action is only available for PC browser.

  • Get #crypto tokens as a reward for your tweets
  • Send tokens to any friend or any blogger on social media
  • Sign up and get free airdrop of 50 SNAX.
    Please visit:
  • Automatically you will receive tokens after creating your Snax wallet that has been connected to your Twitter Account, as in the example of my account below:

To calculate these indicators, Snax uses KPI provided by the social platform. For example, for content posted on Twitter, Snax takes likes, retweets and comments for Interaction Level calculation and count of followers for Account Weight calculation. Very important that the weight of KPI also depends on the Weight of the publisher (That is, the weight of retweet for each account is different). You can find more information on calculating reward in Whitepaper on page 6-7. (Clarification via Snax Discord)

So, guys don’t miss it! Keep Steem on!

SNAX Discord Channel:

SNAX Steemit Account: @snaxteam

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