Creating content to share new things every day, and big rewards is a bonus.

Then, have I ever been sad when seeing other people’s content get bigger rewards? The answer is definitely yes.

But then, did I not learn anything from my tears and keep crying over misfortune? The answer is no. I do not constantly lament over misfortune and still create content that I like.

As I look back, back in time before #newsteem, I realized it was even harder. So now I am worthy of being blessed and blessed for at least better days with a number of projects and several communities that have supported me in developing Steem.


Special thanks to the project @ocd @curie @curangel @helpiecake @c-squared, @bdcommunity @rocky1 @appeciator, and others.

For the community @vegansofsteemit and @naturalmedicine that made me learn more about healthy living.

For @foodfightfriday which makes me excited about making food content.


Staying on Steem is a choice, not about the price of coins, but about the values ​​of Steem that have a real impact.

We will tend to survive in platforms that have a great impact on our lives.

From the small rewards that I got, I am motivated to create even more content. I am always challenged to break achievements.

I always believe that hard work will never be in vain even if you receive it NOT in the same place.


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