The presence of technology and various media that can provide additional income for you is often a big disruption to your main focus.

For example, in the morning, you want to complete the documents for your business, but then you fail to prepare them because your concentration is divided and your focus becomes divided. You actually spend more time looking at your social media accounts.

Maybe you are an influencer who has a steady income on social media, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a list for your activities every day.

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Make a list of your plans at night, for things that you have to finish tomorrow is a good thing for your career.

Maybe you think you can do multitasking, and everything will run smoothly. But the fact runs several tasks while not giving maximum results. Concentration will not last long, and your mood will decrease dramatically faster as a result you will feel tired quickly.

Multitasking makes you only able to remember less and lose the details of the work you are doing. This can cause long-term memory problems.

On the other sides, doing many things at the same time will make you fail to give full attention to your priorities. And most often, stress is easier to attack you.

So, set a list of things you have to do as a priority and don’t let social media life make you forget your real life. Don’t forget to include activities with people you or your friends on your list.

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