Running and cycling are two types of sports that are very familiar to those of us who don’t have more time to do sports in a sports studio.

Running and sports are also very fun to do and can be easily adjusted to our daily activity patterns.

But then, maybe you think which is better, running or cycling?

Let’s discuss it together.

Running Is High Impacts on the Body

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At first glance, running does seem to only affect the leg muscles, but actually running is a high-impact activity for the body. Of course, it also has an overall positive impact on the body.

Running is not only beneficial for heart health but also can improve the health of the body’s metabolism.

Running uses more muscle than cycling so that more energy-burning occurs.

Running can burn around 566-839 calories every hour. High activity in running can cause stress to the body, but positive stress, can train physically stronger and prevent osteoporosis.

When traveling to a quiet area, we can also easily run while enjoying the surrounding scenery.

But the thing to note is that you must recognize your abilities, your physical endurance because it feels heavier than cycling.

Cycling is a healthy transportation

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If possible, going to school or work can be done by bicycle. Of course, it will be fun, and healthy.

Cycling is also suitable for those of you who avoid high impact sports and you can choose bicycle sports instead of running.

Cycling can burn as many as 498-738 calories in one hour.

The thing to note is that of course, you need a decent bicycle for you to use as your sports activity, and this can increase your expenses compared to just running.

Which Is Best for You?

This decision depends entirely on you, on your physical endurance, and also depends on which one you prefer.

If you try to force the type of exercise that you don’t like, the results may be that you won’t be able to be consistent and won’t continue the sport.

Regarding burning calories, you do not need to worry. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, running and cycling do not have much difference, and both are equally significant.

That’s why the most important thing is to recognize your body’s ability to run or bicycle.

Keep Steem On!

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