You’ll never be alone
I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn
Baby, I am right here

— From the song: Dusk Till Dawn by Zayn feat Sia


When I see dusk, I remember that God is very beautiful. Because God is Beautiful, I believe God will send someone beautiful for me.

At present, I am happy to be able to save a beautiful name in my heart. Every day, that name is my reason to always be strong, from dusk until dawn.



Every dusk, it is a happy time to remember the warmth of his love. The dusk is the reason why, we are strong enough to wait, that behind difficult things there is always something that can be enjoyed.

Because in his eyes, is eternal beauty to wash all wounds.


NOTE: All photos taken by me with my old smartphone camera. Hope you guys like my stunning dusk from the city of Jakarta.



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