In the previous article, I discussed sitting too much or settling down without much meaningful movement. Read:

That much daring to move is indeed good! This should be a strong motivation for all of us, that exercise is not just about competition, or that sport is not just training to shape the body or lose weight.

In general, movement with exercise is to benefit both physical and mental health.

But indeed the fact is that many of us are afraid to move for a variety of trivial reasons, but we do not have enough strength to fight those reasons.

Discomfort, pain, or fatigue when doing movements is the number one reason that ultimately makes people prefer to survive without making any movements. Being in a comfortable, safe condition, it certainly feels good, but of course, it is not good for progress in various fields.

No pain, no gain, not just a wisdom word, but also this contains a profound meaning about how humans should dare to feel discomfort, pain, towards a better “gain”.

We must dare to fight the reasons within ourselves to drive away feeling lazy to move. Because the courage to move is good and only for those who love themselves. 🙂

Keep Steem On!

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