Open a new window, find new opportunities in the new year.

Talking about the end of the year, we always look behind our journey. We do this not to regret what has happened, but to be grateful for what we have achieved and take lessons about the failures that have occurred.

There is always a law of cause and effect in this life. That is why there are consequences that bring consequences. This year is the most challenging year of courage for my career. As a year which is an advanced level from a beginner level, this year is a tough year for me.

My achievements turned out to be another failure for me. That’s why I will talk about my achievements first. Hopefully there are things that we can make together lessons.

I Successfully Become A Social Media Officer


My educational background is Indonesian Literature. When adjusting to my education, I should work in the publishing and literature department. Last year, I worked as a fiction editor.

I had no idea that this year I had finally jumped into a different kind of work from the field of work last year.

This year, I changed jobs, intending to find a new experience, with a better appreciation for my career. I was accepted to work in a consulting company focused on the field of Public Relations.



The consulting company where I work has a client of a state-owned enterprise, namely PT Pertamina (Persero). Pertamina is one of the energy companies covering oil, gas and renewable energy.


I was assigned to become a Social Media Officer in charge of handling all of the social media accounts owned by PT Pertamina. Of course this is an important achievement for me, which contributed to the story full of struggle this year.

Social Media Officer As A New Gate


The job as a Social Media Officer is new to me, even though I have the fundamentals of the required abilities. Working for large companies that are always highlighted by many people, of course, is a heavy pressure for me.

Working as a Social Media Officer it feels like carrying a large beam on the back every day so I have tired.

My job is to be a liaison officer between the client and the creative team for the process of creating content for all social media accounts. I became a content writer for the needs of all social media, and I submitted the ACC process to clients.

The rhythm of work is fast, with heavy deadlines, and must always be online making me work over time, unlike office workers in general. I still have to deal with laptops for the process of working on content at night.

Being a Social Media Officer means being a Content Writer, and a Copy Writer at the same time. It’s a very expensive experience.

This work is like the gate of vast new knowledge. I meet new things. Even though this work is very hard, but when I look back today, seeing things that were done in the past, in the end I was grateful to have found the job.

Of course it is a great achievement for me! Because I was the manager of Pertamina’s social media account, I was able to take care of my Instagram account, learning from my experience while working. You can see my Instagram account:

I Successfully Found The Steem Blockchain


Working in the world of social media finally brought me to social media based on blockchain. Initially I was only know about bitcoin when asked about blockchain technology.

Since I got to know Steemit and created an account in March 2018, I have new knowledge that digital assets are not just about bitcoin.

The achievement that in my opinion is quite impressive, I can become an investor only with content! It’s amazing, without me spending money.

In the Steemit community, I have also become an Indonesian Steem Ambasaador who actively invites and encourages others to use Steemit. Besides me, I was accepted to join as one of the Tasteem Global Team. It’s nice I can contribute to the development of Dapps on Steem Blockchain.

Of course it was one of the highlights for me this year, because I found friends, and also I found a man I love through Steemit. What a beautiful moment on Steem Blockchain.

That was my achievement this year. Because of my very heavy work, finally I have to experience the saddest failure.

My Book failed to be adapted into a film

This year I have to give up my dream of failure. I have the dream of my book to be adapted into a film.

I have visited a well-known production house in Indonesia, MD Entertainment. MD Entertainment is famous for family and romance films.

I was in town when I was meeting at the MD Entertainment building.

I submitted my second novel with the title “Jatuh Cinta Awalnya Sederhana”. My second novel tells about romance and family. MD Entertainment gave me the opportunity to submit further proposals, but with the latest novels. They are waiting for my latest novel.

My Second Novel. See at Amazon:


My First Novel. See at Amazon:

Because my time is up to work, finally I failed to finish my latest novel, and automatically I can’t submit a proposal for further.

I am very sad about my failed dream. This dream also included my mother’s dream.

As I said at the beginning, there are always consequences that must be borne. My achievements in terms of work actually made my biggest dream this year a failure.

I have to dare to bear all the consequences, and I prepare to welcome the beginning of a new year with new dreams.

Hopefully this year I can finish my latest novel, and my work can be accepted by Indonesian people, and I can submit it to be adapted into the film.

And, towards a truly new beginning with my love.

So many stories about my achievements and failures in 2018. This is my entry for the contest: My 2018: Achievements and Failures hosted by @anomadsoul  and sponsored by @blocktrades


Thank you for reading my writing. Welcome to compose new dreams to welcome the new year! Don’t forget to have a dream for Steem prices that are getting better every day!

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