The word “exercise/sports” is often associated with fatigue due to body movement activities. But actually there are so many things that can be done to anticipate that sports do not become tiring.

Choosing sports in a field that you really like that relates to your hobby is the most important and most important thing to do.

Moreover, if you are a person with a solid work routine and feel very lazy to take the time to exercise.


Hobbies will make your interest in something last longer, especially in the sport itself.

Or sometimes some people accidentally like one type of sport, then make it a hobby.


For example, if you like things about the beach, you can do jogging or yoga by the beach on weekends.


Or, do you like to compete with your friends? You can choose sports with exciting matches such as badminton, table tennis, even swimming!


Certainly more exciting when doing it with friends. But if you have trouble getting friends, you also have to be smart to find solutions for yourself so you won’t be lazy to move your body!



Combine several things in your sports activities. The visual aspect is certainly interesting. Running, cycling, in places you don’t normally see will be a hobby that will challenge your adrenaline and make you forget your tiredness!


Let’s make sports as a hobby. 🙂


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