I believe, all wounds have a cure, even though some have not been found. It takes hard work and cooperation that takes time to find various natural medicines in the universe. So, sharing about the wisdom of natural medicines around you is an action that helps nourish this life.

Sharing information about health, especially natural medicine, is certainly not an easy thing. We must ensure that everything we share does not endanger others. Things related to natural medicine that are shared should have been done to ourselves, so the things we share with the reader have validity.

I am indeed not a health practitioner. I am just a writer who has a mother who works as a traditional healer in my village. My posts for a year were in Steemit more about food, poetry, philosophy, life motivation, and writing tips.

Moringa Oleifera, from my garden.

Time passed, after I stopped working from the office, and decided to start my own business in my hometown, then I began to see more natural things that I could still feel at my place of residence.

I feel like sharing more about natural medicine that has been done by my family for a long time, from plants in the garden and the wild around my place.

My latest contents about natural medicine:

  1. Benefits of Betel Leaves and Some Reasons Why I Planted Betel in the Garden
  2. Guava Leaves: From Diarrhea Remedy, To Beauty Care

In my content, the Natural Medicine community invited me to join the community. I also felt interested and finally decided to join the Natural Medicine Community.

I am very happy to be able to join the Naturan Medicine Community to share Natural Medicine policy matters and increase knowledge about Natural Medicine from traditions and other member countries.

As an Official Member of Natural Medicine, I hope that my future posts will bring new things to my account, and introduce natural medicine wisdom in my area to the wider community.

Let us share our knowledge about natural medicine to keep the Steemit community healthy, positive and more creative.

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