Waiting without doing something is called vain. That also applies to the world of cryptocurrency.

If we are disappointed in Steem, it is a mistake. Why? Because right now all prices are alt. coins can be said to be at an unsatisfactory point. But like life, not everything in the world can satisfy us, it tends to be far from expectations.

That’s why we have to keep moving on, do what we can, and not miss the opportunity.

On Steem Blockchain, there are so many opportunities to get rewards. Since the start of various changes at #NewSteem, more rewards can be earned from various accounts that carry out manual curation.

If Steem Blockchain is ultimately about business, then let yourself keep posting quality content, and you will be part of Steem to create rewards and get rewards.

Curators need quality content to get curation rewards. That is why it is a waste of opportunity if we still feel lazy to post content on Steem Blockchain.


Don’t feel stuck at a bad moment Steem prices. But look at the great opportunity to get many rewards. Because in the end, it’s not about how much Steem is worth, it’s about how positive our attitude is to keep trying to do what we can to keep the Steem blockchain being a fun place in the social media era.

Keep Moving On! Keep Steem On!

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