This is me. Always happy to see new hope, even though sometimes the next day it breaks my heart because that hope doesn’t shine. That’s okay, you just need to smile, even if your heart is badly hurt.

Okay, okay, let’s get back to the topic Steem. Forgive my bad opening.

Worry Is Necessary But Being Positive Is More Important

At that time, before #NewSteem was actually released, Steem users were worried, especially users who had a small SP, because they felt that there was no advantage.

The sharing rewards factor between creators and curators alike makes small users feel very worried. Why? “Small” users don’t have enough SP to earn more curation values.

But, let’s time to be positive. The concern is indeed necessary, so we can find solutions and make changes for the better. Initially, it also included users who were worried about rewards after HF.

For small users, a positive attitude that always needs to be maintained is how to invest their ability to create content to bring in the curators.

Relieve Worry by Investing on Steem Blockchain

This statement seems to create enough controversy. Maybe some of you think investing will actually create greater worry related to profit and loss.

I mean with this statement, at least our worry about the system rewards at NewSteem will subside if we have investments that can increase our value, expand the network, and most importantly invest with the aim of bringing more attention to our account.

Investment is not always in the form of Steem Power. For us small users, we certainly want Steem to provide financial benefits with a small expenditure in the form of “money”.

That’s why we can start with investing something else that is equal or even more important than money, which is investing your time, knowledge, and skills. Invest these things in your content.

NewSteem Has a Better Curation Distribution

My worry has now subsided because I feel that NewSteem is able to distribute curation better than OldSteem. This can be seen from various accounts that have a large SP doing curation manually and competing to curate good content.

BidBot accounts also carry out manual curation. This enlivens NewSteem and gives a new face to our blockchain atmosphere.

I can directly feel the impact of NewSteem that makes my recipe or travel content get decent rewards.

So, if we have good and original content, we don’t need to worry anymore.

We know that there are still many things that make us worry about Steem, the biggest is about Steem prices. This concern creates a task for us together to keep our community afloat and create new solutions. So we can focus on better things.

I love Steem!


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