The Christmas and New Year holiday periods will soon arrive. But many of us cannot enjoy an exclusive holiday like the lucky ones out there.

Some things that make holiday time looks unpleasant:

  1. Alone at home
  2. Don’t have a lot of money to travel on holidays
  3. Still have job responsibilities so you don’t have much time to travel

Relax, Guys! I will invite you to make your holiday time impressed outside even if only at home and alone.

Throw Away Your Expectations About Holidays

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The most important first step is THROW AWAY YOUR EXPECTATION ABOUT HOLIDAYS. Sounds trivial, right? Although trivial, many of us, including myself, are often affected by high expectations about holidays.

Maybe we have always assumed that a holiday is to travel to a famous tourist spot, and spend time in a quiet place that we have never visited before.

So, now that the holidays have arrived, your job is to stop your own expectations. Don’t let your expectations make you trapped in sadness.

You have to throw away your perception of the holiday you have been thinking about. It’s time to make your the best own holiday at home just amazing!

Positive thoughts and open-mindedness really help you to have a good mood on holidays even if you are just at home, and alone.

Stop Your Dream About An Expensive Holidays and Start Creating Your Own Version of Holidays

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Nothing can forbid you to have dreams, including having a holiday that is quite expensive and spoil yourself. But, it’s time for you to adjust the time to dream.

When the holiday time has arrived and your dreams cannot come true, then stop dreaming. Accept the fact that you do not holiday according to what you have been dreaming of.

Accepting reality is the most important key so that you can be calm and enjoy your holidays time. Don’t see how other people go through their luxurious holiday. Now the most important thing is yourself.


After you have removed your expectations and dreams about an exclusive holidays, now is the time to create a holiday in your own version at home.

Take Advantage of Your Backyard

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For those of you who have a yard behind or in front of the house, this is a good time to take advantage of your yard to create a great holiday time.

Plan time in the morning, evening, or night, to spend time on your backyard

In the morning

  • You can do your own picnic.
  • Use your favorite picnic blanket, so that you are comfortable sitting to enjoy the heat of the healthy morning sun.
  • You can use a chair that has a good back if you don’t want to use a picnic blanket.
  • Listen to the radio.

I recommend you listen to the radio while enjoying your morning time. Usually during holidays, radio has an interesting discussion program on holiday days, so it makes you like having friends to talk about interesting things.

The radio will also play songs randomly so you don’t get bored like when you are listening to a playlist that you are accustomed to hearing.

  • Bring your favorite snacks.
    What is your favorite snack? Bring to the backyard for you to enjoy, and think positively. Your favorite snack is of course the best snack of all time, because about yourself is the best, and don’t compare your version of snacks with other people’s versions.
    Holiday snacks don’t have to be as expensive as you see on social media or TV advertisements. Choose your favorite snack, sit quietly, and stop thinking about other people’s expensive holidays. Be thankful for yourself today

In the Evening and Night


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  • You can prepare equipment for grilling BBQ and making campfires.
  • Don’t forget about your favorite drink.
  • Make your own tent camp version if the place allows.
  • If the weather and the conditions of your backyard do not allow you to do camp, make a small camp in your own room.
    You can use long cloth and tumblr lights to make your camp amazing.

Watching Movies

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Whoaaa. It’s time to watch movies with satisfaction while on holiday. Take your popcorn!

Nowadays, there are so many facilities that can provide a good way to spend your holiday time. Like Netflix, you have many good movie choices for you.

Self Relaxation

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Soak in the bath

Many things you can do after you have done a small picnic on the backyard. One of them is to relax yourself.

  • Soak in the bath with aroma therapy, or swim
    You can play your favorite classical music, and read books! Sounds bad, huh? Stop your thinking to underestimate simple things. In fact, simple things like bathing or swimming are very useful for relaxing your body and your mind.
  • Meditation
    Taking a minute to meditate can be a miracle for you. Small things but a big impact on your psychology is very good to do.


# Go Fishing

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Go Fishing

Explore places around you. Holiday time is the best thing to look around you, which has been neglected by you.

You can find fishing spots. Fresh air around the fishing spot will be good for you.

If you find a public fishing ground, it doesn’t matter. Maybe you can find new friends at that place.


Explore The Area Around You

Explore the area around you like you are a tourist. I am sure there are many things around you that you have not seen and know. So, holiday time is the best thing to explore the places around you.

If you’re lucky, of course you can find a good place for a vacation like a beach or a new restaurant that has a unique concept. No need to spend an expensive budget, to enjoy your holiday time, right?


Do Creative Work


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Creative Work

For those of you who have a creative spirit, you are usually very happy to take advantage of holiday time to create creative work. You are not too sad if you do not have enough money and time to holiday.

Holiday time is the best time for you to create creative work. At the beginning of your year can involve your creative work into something interesting to offer in the sales market.

Or, you can use social media to show off your creative work.

Enjoy your holiday time, and accept yourself as you are. Don’t be sad if you don’t have enough money and time to do a end year holiday. Believe me, your present self is the best gift by God.

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Keep Steem On!



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