Good morning from Jakarta!

Have you breathed for a while, and enjoyed the view in front of you? If you are unable to find something beautiful, try to look for the best view based on the situation around you.

If you finally can’t find a beautiful view, then try doing a method of meditation, by closing your eyes and imagining beautiful things while you take a slow breath.


I took this scene when I stayed in one of the apartments in the Thamrin area of ​​Jakarta. I stayed one night on business and I got an important lesson for that.

1. If you are tired from the pressure of work, don’t complain

I experienced it myself because of the bad results of complaining. When I complain, it seems my life is not getting better and it is actually adding to the burden of my life.

So, for those of you who have a lot of work pressure, don’t complain. Stay calm and not panic.

2. Thank you for the good things you can get while doing work

The thing I’m grateful for while doing this job, of course, is that I can enjoy this beautiful view! When the night is more beautiful. You can see the video I have posted before here: Beautiful Night View From 16th Floor, Thamrin City Residence Jakarta-Indonesia

Always believe that there are good things we can take advantage of.

3. Positive Mind that will help us find good things to enjoy

When we are calm and positive thinking, then we will be able to enjoy life even though it is very simple. Conversely, if we complain, our minds will be closed and it is difficult to find good things to enjoy.

Enjoy your day, stay grateful and calm.


Note: All photo taken by Smarthphone Oppo

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