Taking a time in the morning before doing lots of activities is my way to be grateful.

There are so many heavy things I have been going through lately, but with gratitude and contemplation looking deeper into myself, then I believe there are still many positive sides that can always make us happy, even in a simple way.

I took a book that I thought was good, then read a few parts while enjoying a cup of coffee.

I am grateful to be able to start a day casually like this, and for a moment drive away my negative thoughts.

My mother said, “everything will be okay if we always be positive and believe there are always unexpected miracles for people who are always grateful and striving to be better.”

For a while, I looked far outside. Alongside from my house is another person’s cornfield. The sky this morning was bright enough to add to my good mood.

Good coffee, good book, the morning with my fine body condition, it’s all worthy of thanks.

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.
Keep STEEM on.

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