The environment is an important factor that influences a person’s habits. Also included in the family environment, which is an important factor in bringing one’s sporting habits.
Parents are also the first and foremost example for the child to imitate habits. So, good habits like exercise should be taught to the child from an early age.


If you are accustomed to seeing and feeling the habit of exercising in the family, the child will later have no difficulty in exercising because it is familiarized in the family.


It will be difficult and will increase laziness if we do not have good exercise habits in our environment. It’s never too late for you to build good habits exercising with family.


Not only good for health, but doing sports with family can also familiarize family relationships, and have good reasons to spend time with family.


It’s difficult to take time for parents to exercise with children. But indeed that is the duty of parents to together create positive time together in the family.


Hopefully by getting used to forming good exercise habits can improve the quality of family health.


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