That was a mistake, I thought when I decided to cook packaged food in the kitchen.

I realized that too late when I had a supply of sardines at home. Just like avoiding instant noodles, I also started to avoid sardines.

But maybe this time I have to eat this sardine with guilt and learning to something.

“Never create a stock of food in packaging if we can still store natural food supplies.”

Often we become tempted to eat instant food in packs on the grounds of “forced conditions”. But oftentimes we become forced ourselves to eat the stock of instant food because it’s already in the storage cupboard in the kitchen.

Sardine is not entirely wrong. But indeed I didn’t really like eating fish and I began to fully eat plant-based foods.

If you really feel like eating fish, you should just choose to buy sardines in the market instead of having to buy instant sardines in the packaging.


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