Have you ever heard of a street food called “Cilung”?

Cilung is the approach of the word Aci Digulung. Aci in means sago flour, derived from Sundanese. Digulung means rolled.

The main ingredients of Cilung are sago flour and eggs. Very simple, but it feels like it is loved by many Indonesians, especially children.

Cilung is a street food that is very popular in Java, especially in Jakarta.

In the area where I live, I easily find this street food. The price is cheap because these foods include snacks for children. One stick costs 1,000 IDR or 0.07 USD.

The texture of Cilung is similar to “Papeda” (traditional food from Papua). Savory, chewy, and elastic when pulled like cheese.

This snack is served with spicy sauce or mayonnaise.

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