Dining packages are one of the attractive promotions for a restaurant. Visitors will be interested to visit places that have meal packages at affordable prices and taste doesn’t disappoint. Visitors will also have a greater percentage to invite friends or family.

Usually franchise restaurants have meal packages that can save visitors’ money.

Tonight I tried dinner with the Dining Package from Pizza Hut. The price offered is 45 K. For the first, I didn’t believe it, because the package called Sensation Delight included three types of menus, namely appetizers, main courses, and drinks.

After making sure that the price is correct with the waiter, I am excited to choose the meal package. Here are some menu options.



So, there are my choices menu:

Appetizer: Mayo Beef Brushetta

The taste of toast with beef toping is not too bad. But there are tomato pieces that taste sour so I don’t like this menu.

Main Course: Crab Stick Fusilli

Luckily there is this delicious food, so my disappointment with appetizers is not a problem. The Main Course has creamy cheese that blends well with fusilli pasta and mushroom topping with stick crab pieces.

I closed my dinner with the freshness of Mirinda Strawberry. Overall, not bad for the Dining packages as a savings of money.




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