Basically running has good benefits for the body, both morning and evening running. But certain times have specific functions that vary for the body.

A morning run is often associated with fitness activities accompanied by a fresh atmosphere in the morning. But running in the morning certainly cannot be done by workers who are busy from morning to evening.

Evening runs can be a great alternative for busy workers. This is supported by the benefits of an evening run suitable for workers who tend to be at risk of experiencing stress.

Here are some of the benefits of an evening run:

– Better performance

The evening is also effective for running because at that hour our bodies are at the peak of performance so that the absorption of oxygen is more maximal. This will improve your running performance and reduce the risk of injury compared to early morning.

– Reduces tension and stress

During the day there is usually more tension and stress that occurs in the body due to work and solving problems. An evening run can help reduce this.

That is why it is also suitable to come home after work running while trying to calm the mind so that the stressed mind does not carry over until bedtime.

It all depends on your daily busy rhythm. If you are a busier worker in the morning, then an evening run is perfect for you to take the time to become healthier and more relaxed.



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