There is a surprising fact about love.
: Two hearts that are met to ultimately destroy each other.
But true lovers never regret.

They enjoy one by one the destruction that tore their chests.
That way, it will run out of tightness which has been coming to this place.

They enjoy tear drops that make their eyelids swell.
That way, the sadness that has been confined to the soul will be exhausted.

Their hearts are too broad in collision.
they can’t stop their love so much
love that is too big like the sea that loves the swimmer’s body to drown the swimmer so they can be together forever.

person swimming on body of water under red and orange sky

There is a surprising fact about love
: Two hearts that are met to reveal each other’s secrets
Then the secret of being a thorn that scratches the skin without a cover
At a stretch of wild forest they both ran each other
They want to free themselves, but then they fight because their hearts are unable to continue the journey
They chased each other but never realized that their bodies had been attacked by wounds
Until when the light appears at the end of the exit, they run out of energy and die together.

But they never regret ever being together, then destroying each other
Because they only believe one fact about love:
How much love destroys, they meet for a reason, even though the reason is just to “finish” each other.

timelapse of heart shape with silhouette of trees




Note: All images from Unsplash.

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