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Boiled Blood Cockles With “Sambal Kecap”


In Asian countries, especially Indonesia, Blood Cockle is seafood that is most often eaten because it is cheaper than other seafood.

Indeed, Blood Cockle is generally found in Asian countries. I don’t know whether Blood Cockle is in your country.

Blood Cockle is usually only served in a very simple way, with boiled. But what makes it delicious is the sauce, usually using chili sauce, and various other sauces, such as glass sauce.

I will share with you the recipe for Boiled Blood Cockles With “Sambal Kecap”.

For your information, Sambal Kecap is a term in Indonesian which means sauce made from chili, red onion, and tomatoes mixed with soy sauce.


So, let’s see how to cook: Boiled Blood Cockles With “Sambal Kecap”


– Blood Cockles, 500 grams, wash it clean
– Garlic 2 cloves, spread
– Ginger, bruised
– Galangal, bruised
– Lemongrass, 1 stick, bruised
– 4 sheets of Bay Leaf
– Kaffir Lime Leaves, 4 Sheets
– Salt, 1/2 tsp

Ingredients for making sauce

– Sweet soy sauce
-5 red chilies
-1 red onion cloves
– 1 small tomato

Cooking Instruction:

– Boil Blood Cockles for about five minutes to boil.
– Lift Blood Cockles, remove the water, then wash the Blood Cockles.
– After that, prepare more pan and water that has been filled with lemongrass, garlic, kaffir lime leaves, bay leaves, galangal, ginger and salt.
– Put the Blood Cockles in the pan along with the ingredients then boil again until the water boils. Boil the Blood Cockles together with the ingredients using low heat so that the spices soak into the Blood Cockles.
– Make “Sambal Kecap” while waiting for the Blood Cockles to cook.- How to make “Sambal Kecap” is quite easy, which is to mix slices of red chili, red onion, and tomatoes together.
– Then add the sweet soy sauce to the thinly sliced ​​ingredients. Mix well, press the ingredients so that it feels more blend.
– After boiling the Blood Cockles, remove it, and serve it warmly with the “Sambal Kecap” sauce.


Boiled Blood Cockles With “Soy Sauce” is very delicious to be enjoyed with family at night.

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