Human desires that fill the human body make humans often do everything they can to achieve it. achieve it. So many things that humans do to fulfill the satisfaction of ambition, so that the world can be burned by competition and hatred.

Jordan Smith’s “Only Love” pop song reminds listeners to feel love again in our hearts so that we can both make the world peaceful.

How much more are we gonna take
How many nights do we have to lie awake
How many tears are we gonna cry
We can wish until the well runs dry

But what happens when the sky above
Runs out of every single shooting star
And what if every good intention’s only meant
To go so far

Only love, only love can save us now
Keep the world from burning down, down, down
— Only Love, Jordan Smith


So many desires that make humans blind and cause humans to forget each other’s goodness. As a result, humans look at each other with hatred, even forgetting their true identity that originally had good in someone.

“Only Love” invites us to look deep into ourselves, who we really are. With love, we can change things even though it sounds cliché, but it’s true. Only love can erase hatred if we really have the light of love in our deepest hearts.

Why do we find it hard to forgive

We’re so blinded that it’s easy to forget

Only love, only love can save us now
Keep the world from burning down, down, down
To the ground, ground, ground
Only love, can look inside a human heart
And see us for who we are
— Only Love, Jordan Smith

Jordan Smith’s Only Love, Source:

See the picture. Full of light in the midst of darkness that represents the goodness of love among so many bad things. Isn’t beautiful, right?

“Only Love” is the latest single from Jordan Smith which just released its official Youtube video a week ago. This song is also included in the latest album—the third album.

Jordan Smith through the Lexington Herald-Leader website: says that this song is about human ownership in the end that only has love, especially love from God.

“This song is about what happens at the end of everything. At the end of the day, when all is said and done, all we really have is love for each other, and love will keep us and carry us. The love of God is the only thing that will keep us and carry us.” — Jordan Smith

This song is not only about universal love, but also about love for a partner. True love, love that needs nothing but love itself: only love.

No matter how heavy the struggle of lovers fighting for relationships, the most important thing that must be guarded is love, because in the end indeed lovers must go through various tests of love.

The song “Only Love” makes us ask ourselves, will we feel enough if we only have love? Of course, there are many problems that arise because a pair never feels enough with love itself.

Only love, can look inside a human heart
And see us for who we are
And who we are would be enough
If only there was only love
— Only Love, Jordan Smith

About Jordan Smith and The Song:

ONLY LOVE Press Image Credit_ Gavin Bond (1).jpg

Jordan Smith, Credit Gavin Bond, from

Jordan Smith is the winner of the singing talent search event, The Voice US Season 9, from Adam Levine team.

The Only Love Album has been released on June 29, 2018.

Genre: Pop/Rock

The end of this review, I quote from Jordan Smith’s words:

“I wanted to make something that’s timeless and that’s real music,” Smith says. “It wasn’t until this album that I realized I could do both: I can have that young sound, because I am young, and I can be in touch with that younger person and still create something that is meaningful and inspiring and uplifiting and moves people when they hear it, even if that movement is dancing.”

— Only Love, Jordan Smith

Because, love is always timeless. You can listen to Only Love Songs through Jordan Smith’s Youtube Channel:

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