Fried rice is a traditional Indonesian food that is never timeless. From the past until now, this traditional menu can be found in various parts of Indonesia, but of course with slightly different variations.

Some people might underestimate the taste of this strange-looking menu. But like love that never looked physical, so also finally people love fried rice.

For me fried rice is a great food, and delicious, because it can help many families give a delicious taste to rice, even without a lot of side dishes.

Rice is only fried with eggs and some spices, so a savior menu is created from the kitchen for a family.

For a variety of menus, ingredients are usually added such as seafood, sausages, meatballs, corned beef, and even added as toppings.

How do you think fried rice is?


NOTE: The Fried Rice I included in this post is fried rice served by one of the cafes in South Jakarta, named Roti Bakar Kemang.

Please read the review about Roti Bakar Kemang, but what I discussed earlier was toast, not fried rice. So, it is different writing so you will find different information.

Clickk the link to read a review:

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