Am I kidding you? I’m not. Of course I am very serious now.
I had a late-night activity to make my fake pizza. Why did I say the food served was Fake Pizza? Because, its shape is similar to pizza.

Maybe this food does not look like a pizza, it’s called Fake Pizza. Completely fake.

Let me tell you the little stories about this Fake Pizza.

My daily activities late at night are making easy food. Meals can be made with my groceries. So I always choose to make a Fake Pizza made from broccoli sprinkled with a mixture of milk and parmesan cheese, then sprinkled with black pepper.


Yes, it’s a very simple recipe, but my mom loves this recipe. I’m not kidding. šŸ™‚

My other Fake Pizza recipes are potatoes and chicken pieces that are also doused with a mixture of milk and parmesan cheese.

I just need some supplies food and non sticky pan! They’re my lifesaver at late night! So, what do you think about this Fake Pizza?

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