But, first, coffee and STEEM please! Then, look at many good opportunities on the Steem Blockchain with many daily apps that you can use and increase your investment.

We know, with Steem, our internet usage is never the same every day compared to before.

The presence of Steem changed many things. Users always want to share anything that is able to generate rewards.

For Morning People, enjoying a cup of coffee is certainly not to be missed. Usually they enjoy a cup of coffee while reading the newspaper, or see their social media timeline.

Now, with the presence of Steem, it’s worthy of being a friend to drink coffee that is fun. Hopefully, more new ideas emerge to create content in Steemit.

Morning and evening are also the best times/busy time on the internet, where people like to find fun rituals to start the day and end the day.

What about your ritual with Steem?

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