Everything in creation has borders

which set apart one thing from another.


Airports and airspace separate New York and Jakarta.

The Anxiety in your chest

and the secrets that await in the heart of this poem

are separated by words. So, too, longing―that expanse

of deep ocean between islands and a lost traveler.

Just as a criminal and good deeds are separated

by money and laws.


How are you today? Take a look at the question mark,

the gap between my foolishness

and the longing to have you once more.

― A Piece Of The Poetry: Borders


How’s your day? It is painful enough to realize that it really is like a drop of soy sauce that gives both pain and pleasure to canker sores?

Even though I opened the book review this time, I used pieces of poetry that were quite painful if you had experienced similar conditions in the book.


I always never get tired of reviewing Sastrawan’s poetry collection that dedicates himself as a librarian. M. Aan Mansyur is now increasingly famous because he asked to write poems to fill the scene in the movie Ada Apa dengan Cinta? 2.

Dian Sastrowardoyo and Nicholas Saputra in Ada Apa dengan Cinta? 2 (2016)

Ada Apa dengan Cinta? 2 (2016) movie. Pict by IMDb.com 



There Is No New York Today is a collection of poems, some of which are already in the movie scene What’s with Love? 2 which represents the feeling of the film’s main character named Rangga who works in New York.

Love plus the element of longing, plus the element of inability to become a successful topic that you will remember this book. Because, it is able to hit your heart with a sense of truth from being hurt by love.


If by chance someone has truly touched your heart,

all those who follow will only find uncertainty.


You’ve never been whole.

Meanwhile, loneliness is a fruit that cannot be peeled.

And should you try to remove its skin,

all that you will find is a much greater loneliness.

― A Piece Of The Poetry: It’s 4 in The Morning


This book consists of two languages, translated into English by John H. McGlynn. If you want to read it, you can buy it on the online bookstore globally with shipments from Indonesia.

You will find a great deal of regret about loss, which might be caused by wrong decisions. Indeed, the poems in this book are not just simple artistic words, but you can learn about respecting someone you have today.


This book also teaches that love is always able to grow again suddenly even though it has long been forgotten because love is truly capable of colliding and dividing itself without realizing it.


When was it that you discovered

love is that old potato inside the fridge,

Suddenly starting to sprout

long after the feel and scent of the soil are gone.

― A Piece Of The Poetry: Inside The Fridge


In the end of this review, I would like to said that “There Is No New York Today” is simple to make you recall about something that you deserve.

Hope you like my review this time. Keep Steem On!


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