Love is the force that transforms and improves the souls of the world.

~ Paulo Coelho

Hello, love quotes addict!

Quotes about love that inspire someone to spread love so that the world is better with peace, it’s worth reading repeatedly, and sharing it with various social media.

I will share a review of a book that contains quotes about love, from the author of the International Brazilian Best Seller. He is Paulo Coelho.

Love gives us the strength we need to perform impossible tasks.

~ Paulo Coelho

The book, entitled Paulo Ceolho Love Selected Quatations, contains selected quotes from various previous books of Paulo Coelho.

The previous books of Paulo Coelho who became International Best Sellers and I recommend reading them are: The Alchemist, Eleven Minutes, Brida, By The River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept.


Love is a force that is here on hearth to make us happy, to bring us closer to God and to our fellow creatures.

~ Paulo Coelho



The contents of the Paulo Ceolho Love Selected Quatations book are divided into 8 sections:

– giving
– transformation
– overcoming
– solidarity
– affinity
– search
– the art of living with others
– greatness

Look, the quotes in these books make readers feel happy to re-read these various love quotes because of their beautiful illustration art. The reader will not feel bored.



With this book we will be inspired to understand the mysteries of life with love. Because, only with human love do you want to understand each other even though it is very difficult.

Love is the key to understanding all the mysteries.

~ Paulo Coelho


Have a happy day with love, all of Steemian!



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