Since I got to know Steem Blockchain, I know I will fall in love with this platform. It is undeniable that Steem kept me writing.

I consider that making content in Steemit is a writing exercise, and also of course learning to communicate with new people every day.

A few days ago, I got a notification that I had successfully published 600 posts. Until this day, counted 608 posts on my 346th day on Steemit.

I consider the time I used in Steemit as a process to divert negative thoughts from various problems that I experienced. And it works for me.

Often I can’t stop excessive anxiety about something, I’m worried, and even difficult to fall asleep because of something. So, I tried through time by posting, curating posts, or even commenting on some posts.

For me Steem is a friend, to divert my anxiety.

How about you? How many posts have you successfully published on Steemit?

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