Most people don’t like vegetables before they even try it because they think vegetables are bitter and feel weird like you are eating leaves. 🙂

Then what happens if the vegetables are bitter? Did you know about Bitter Melon?

Since I was young I didn’t try to taste this vegetable because my mind had already said that Bitter Melon had such a bad taste. But then now I’m starting to wonder if it really feels that bad.

So I started doing experiments in the kitchen, and before that, I had searched on the internet about easy and delicious ways to consume Bitter Melon.

Finally, I decided to try combining Bitter Melon with eggs. The results were very satisfying and my mother loved it.

I will share with you a simple recipe, Bitter Melon Omelette:


– A Bitter Melon
– 3 eggs, adjusted to the dose of bitter melon. If the size of the bitter melon is small, then you can only use 2 eggs.
– 3 cloves Shallots
– 2 cloves of garlic
– 1 tablespoon of ground pepper
– Salt


How To Make:

– Cut the Bitter Melon into pieces. Then sprinkle with salt, and knead.
– Then wash Bitter Melon clean. After that, soak again bitter melon in saltwater. This step is to reduce the bitter taste.


– While the bitter melon is still soaked, then prepare the eggs.
– Beat eggs with chopped onions and pepper.

– Heat the oil. Then stir-fry the bitter melon.

– Add eggs if the bitter melon looks half-cooked.
– Then cook until cooked. Don’t forget to flip the dough.
– Serve while warm.

I have also posted about this recipe with the video version. You can see here: [Video Tutorial] How To Make Bitter Melon Omelette 🍳

What do you think of this way? I think the Bitter Melon Omelette is a delicious way to enjoy bitter melon because bitter melon doesn’t feel bad anymore.

Keep cooking and posting!

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